1. Hi Sue, love your art work! I've just received my first order of stencils from E. Paperie and am anxious to use them. on one of your posts you say you use a dabber to apply the color. is that the way you usually do it? how do you keep the stencil in place? also wondered if you would share how you are so successful with "flicking" color on your work. I've tried using my water pen dipped in Distress Ink on the craft sheet, but not very successful with it.

    thanks so much.

    Jo Anne

  2. Hi Jo Anne
    Thanks for your lovely comment. When I use stencils I hold them with my hand, I'm normally not using the whole stencil so I find it easier. I use cut 'n' dry foam to apply paint and if I'm using Distress Inks then I use the block applicator. When I've flicked colour I've normally used watered down paint, and I use a normal little paint brush and just tap it above the surface.
    I hope this helps !

  3. Hi Sue,

    thanks for all the information. that was very kind of you.

    besides several sheets of Tim Holtz stamps I have also purchased a lot of that I can't wait to experiment with. I also, recently, purchased several sheets of the Jofy stamps. loved them the first time I saw them. anyway, my intent is to incorporate all of her wonderful circles, etc.

    have a wonderful week end.

    Jo Anne


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